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Religious Studies

Standing at Armageddon: The Rise of American Fundamentalism in a Global Age by Matthew A. Sutton (WSU)

Date: 4:00pm PST November 8, 2013 Location: JRHH 202

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JRHH 202

Sutton’s talk, based on a forthcoming book, will focus on the role that apocalypticism played in the origins and evolution of American Christian fundamentalism from the late nineteenth century to the rise of the modern Religious Right. Fundamentalists believed that the world was going to end—imminently, violently, tragically. This conviction shaped who they were, how they acted, and how they related to those inside and outside of the faith. It conditioned their analysis of politics and of the economy. It impacted how they voted and for whom. It determined their perspectives on social reform, moral crusades, and progressive change. It influenced the curriculum they brought into their schools and their views of American higher education. It defined their evaluation of alternative expressions of Christianity as well as competing religions. It framed their understanding of natural disasters, geo-political changes, and war. In sum, fundamentalist and later evangelicals’ anticipation of the soon-coming apocalypse made them who they were.

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Religious Studies

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