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Opportunities in Science at Lewis & Clark

Summer Science Brown Bag

Date: 12:00pm PDT July 16, 2013 Location: Olin Hall

The John S. Rogers Science Research Program


Computational models of hair bundles in the inner ear
Student presenters: Daniel Blasher, Sreyhiek Seng
Faculty collaborator: Liz Stanhope

Synaptic Secretion of Neuromodulatory Proteins from Dense-Core Granules
Student presenter: Sarah Lowenstein
Faculty collaborator: Janis E. Lochner

Mapping neuronal circuitry using Brainbow zebrafish
Student presenters: Kyla Hamling, Audrey Smith, Teresa Stackhouse, Jonathan Torres, Derek Warner-Reyes, Leah Weston
Faculty collaborator: Tamily Weissman-Unni


Tuesdays 12:00-1:15, Olin 301

Presentations are free and open to the public

Dessert provided


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