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Religious Studies

Senior Thesis Presentation - Drayton Cousins

Date: 3:30pm PDT May 7, 2013 Location: JR Howard Hall 116

JR Howard Hall 116

The Future of Islam:The Repercussions of the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the Theories of Mohsen Kadivar

The 1979 Iranian Revolution was a watershed moment, one that exposed the tensions between the Western, modern world and the historic tradition of Islam in a global society. The first part of this paper is a historical exploration of the responses to the Iranian Revolution through a case study of Mohsen Kadivar, a liberal and reformist Iranian Shia jurist. Kadivar articulates the many contradictions between the historical/traditional approach to Islam (as seen currently in the Islamic Republic of Iran) and modern human rights before proposing a solution in the form of “new-thinker” or “goal-oriented” Islam. The second part of this paper is a comparative and theoretical analysis of Kadivar and his proposal. I compare Kadivar’s theories to those of Reform Judaism for a historical perspective and employ Max Weber’s ideas on rationalization and secularization for a theoretical analysis.

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Claire Kodachi
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