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Le Dîner de Cons - The Dinner Game

Date: 7:30pm PDT April 17, 2013 - 7:30pm April 18, 2013 Location: Fir Acres Theater

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Fir Acres Theater

The French section of the Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures and the French Club present:


Le Dîner de Cons


Le Dîner de Cons (English: “Dinner of Fools” [1]), also known as The Dinner Game in the United States, is a 1998 French comedy film written and directed by Francis Veber. It is a cinema adaptation by Veber of his play Le Dîner de Cons.


A comedy about a weekly “idiots’ dinner”, where guests, who are prominent Parisian businessmen, must bring along an “idiot” who the other guests can ridicule.  At the end of the dinner, the evening’s champion idiot is selected.

Cast :

Elizbeth HORTON  as François Pignon
Antoine PETER as Pierre Brochant
Clay ALEXANDER as Juste Leblanc
Kat O’BRIEN as Christine Brochant
Sylvia Antonella NKOMBO NKOULA as Lucien Cheval
Guellord NDAGIJIMANA as Pr. Archambaud
Eve BEN EZRA as Marlène Sasseur


Play performed in French.

Free admission


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