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Mathematical Sciences

The Numbers Game

Date: 3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT March 15, 2013 Location: John Howard 102

John Howard 102

Whether you are Q-savvy or Q-wary this talk is designed to improve your ability to distinguish between meaningful and misleading numbers. Learn how to apply a few key strategies to deal with the quantitative information that increasingly appears in your scholarship, and everyday life. Based on the award winning book, The Numbers Game, we will look at variety of examples that illustrate the importance of the following questions:
  • What makes a number big?
  • What is being counted?
  • What does randomness look like?
  • What does an average reveal and conceal?
“Numbers saturate the news, politics, and life. For good or ill, they are today’s pre-eminent public language-and those who speak it rule.”
Eric Gaze directs the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) program at Bowdoin College, he is a past chair of SIGMAA-QL (2010-12), Vice President and board member of the National Numeracy Network. He writes a column, Ratiocination, for the NNN website. Eric has given talks and led workshops on the topics of QR Across the Curriculum, Creating a QR Entry Point Course, Writing with Numbers, QR Assessment, and Running a QR Program; and served on review teams of QR programs. Eric is the Principal Investigator for a NSF TUES Type I grant (2012-13), Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning Assessment (QLRA) DUE 1140562. Prior to coming to Bowdoin, Eric led the development of a Masters in Numeracy program for K-12 teachers at Alfred University as an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Education. He has given talks and led workshops on developing such an MS program and Infusing Numeracy Across the K-12 Curriculum.

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