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Reid Sata’s Thesis Defense: Online Credit Recovery and Graduation Rates in Oregon Public High Schools

Date: 1:45pm - 3:00pm PDT April 27, 2016 Location: Albany 218

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Albany 218

In 2001, the No Child Left Behind Act raised accountability measures for schools to raise their graduation rates.  Since then, schools have used a variety of programs to achieve this goal, one of which is credit recovery courses.  In particular, many schools are using online credit recovery programs, which have become one of the largest areas of growth in K-12 online learning.  There remains a gap in existing research on the effectiveness of these courses.  There are very few quantitative studies that test the relationship between virtual credit recovery and graduation rates.  In this paper, I run a multiple regression analysis on original survey results from a sample of Oregon high schools.  I find that there is a relationship between participation in different types of credit recovery courses and graduation rates.  However, my results are limited by several factors, and highlight a need for future quantitative analysis in this area.

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