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Philosophy Extravaganza: What do we inherit?

Date: 6:00pm - 8:30pm PST November 28, 2012 Location: Albany

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It’s time again for the Philosophy Extravaganza! This year we pose the question, what do we inherit? This includes inheritance on the levels of individuals and of society. The Extravaganza will take place on Wednesday, 28 November  from 6:00  to 8:30pm in Smith Hall (in Albany Quadrangle). This semester, our speakers include:
  • Andrew Bernstein, professor of history, who will revisit a speech he gave just after 9/11 on how many in the media compared the events of 9/11 to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the ways in which this analogy is disingenuous and dangerous
  • Monica Miller, professor of religious studies, who will address the role of ‘inheritance’ as both progress and peril in the study of African American Religion as it relates to discourse, identity and difference and the role of ‘faithful unfaithfulness’ as strategy of handling norms and values in the field of study
  • Deborah Heath, professor of anthropology, who will discuss some of the scientific research that currently interests her in the area of epigenetics -  the study of traits inherited biologically through mechanisms other than genetics - as well as the influence of such perspectives on scientific research.
  • Jay Odenbaugh, professor of philosophy, who plans to discuss the  origins of normative disciplines, especially aesthetics and ethics.
It looks like it will be a thought-provoking evening, so please join us this Wednesday!
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