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Do The (After)Math: A Speaker Panel on the Climate Crisis

Date: 7:00pm - 9:00pm PST November 15, 2012 Location: The Co-Op

The Co-Op

Do the (After)math - A Speaker Panel on the Climate Crisis
Featured Guest Speakers
This past week, environmental author and activist Bill McKibben and his team from presented to over 700 people in downtown Portland to explain the math of the climate crisis and launch their nationwide initiative to divest communities from the fossil fuel industry. Join us for an evening of discussion about climate change and movement building - and how to translate this knowledge to the Lewis & Clark campus. 

Deirdre Smith is the West Coast divestment organizer with, the climate organization that was founded by Bill McKibben, environmental activist and author. This is the same organization that just stopped in Portland last Thursday for the Do the Math tour. Deirdre is going to be a huge resource for L&C in the next few months, and she has a lot of knowledge/experiences/advice to share with us on the topic of divestment and how to move forward with the campaign.

Kristen Sheeran is an environmental economics analyst with Ecotrust in Portland. Ecotrust is a locally founded organization that works to “inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equity and environmental wellbeing.” Ecotrust works to promote a new economic model that benefits communities as well as the ecosystem, making it one of the most innovative environmental organizations in the region.

Gregory Sotir is a grassroots environmental activist with over thirty years of experience.  With Greenpeace he locked down the front gate of ExxonMobil World Headquarters in Irving, Texas in 2005 to expose ExxonMobils support of climate change misinformation.  As a middle school educator in inner-ctiy Los Angeles he incorporated climate change and environmental issues into his curriculum and worked closely with the progressive teachers union UTLA’s Human Rights Committee on climate change issues.  He currently resides in Portland and helped organize the Occupy Portland Environmental Working Group and the Community Alliance Against Coal. 

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