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Environmental Studies

Symposium Panel: Whose Good Life?

Date: 3:00pm - 4:30pm PDT October 28, 2009 Location: Stamm Hall

Stamm Hall

Not only are there differing visions of the good life, but there are widely differing realities facing people in our world. How can we even talk about the good life given such huge inequities of wealth and well-being? The environmental movement has recently worked to embrace social justice, but it’s been argued that many environmental policies actually oppress those living in poorer countries. So, whose good life are we talking about? Furthermore, can environmentalists really claim to promote or even to understand the good life of non-humans?

Scheduled to Appear:

Riane Eisler, Keynote Speaker (see above)
Jill Fuglister, Co-Director, Coalition for a Liveable Future
Jay Odenbaugh, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Lewis and Clark College

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