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Environmental Studies

Symposium Panel: Blending Religious and Economic Insights on the Good Life

Date: 5:00pm - 6:30pm PDT October 27, 2009 Location: Stamm Hall

Stamm Hall

The fields of religion and economics are quite different, but arguably both will play crucial roles in helping people live the good life. And there may be more overlap than one would assume, given the calls of some religious leaders for a just and caring economics, or the realization among some economists that material well-being cannot simply be equated with the good life. Yet rarely do economists and religious leaders engage in dialogue. What common ground is possible in reimagining the good life, given the rather distinct interests of these two fields?

Scheduled to Appear:
Denise Hare, Associate Professor of Economics, Reed College
Kathryn Hickcock, Publications Director, Cacade Policy Institute
Paul Metzger, Professor of Christian Theology, Multnomah Biblical Seminary
Marilyn Sewell, FIrst Unitarian Church

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Environmental Studies

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