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Friends of Rain Concert

Date: 7:30pm PDT March 16, 2013 Location: Evans Auditorium

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Evans Auditorium

Friends of Rain is Lewis & Clark’s very own faculty new music ensemble.  The program, entitledEchoes and Reflections, explores musical responses to themes such as nature, places, and people, including homages to Olivier Messiaen and Ludwig van Beethoven.  The concert is offered in memory of Franya Berkman and Obo Addy, two dear colleagues and members of the Lewis & Clark music department who passed away earlier this academic year.  The program features performances by Stephanie Thompson, Dunja Jennings, Susan Smith, John Mery, Brett Paschal, Miriam English Ward, Dorien de León, and Deborah Cleaver. The concert includes music by Toru Takemitsu, Paul Lombardi, Michael Johanson, Nickitas Demos, Benjamin Britten, Brett Paschal, and Gabriela Lena Frank.  Admission is free; donations are gratefully accepted. 

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