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Environmental Studies

Grassroots Environmental Movements in China: What They Can and Can’t Do (Environmental Affairs Symposium Keynote)

Date: 8:00pm PDT October 15, 2012 Location: Templeton Campus Center

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    Zhao Zhong started the first environmental NGO in Gansu province.

Templeton Campus Center

Zhao Zhong is the founder and chairman of Green Camel Bell, the first environmental nongovernmental organization (NGO) to be established in the Gansu province in Western China. Green Camel Bell began in 2004 with Mr. Zhong and a few volunteers in order to education people in and around the city of Lanzhou on local environmental issues. Eight years later, Green Camel Bell still retains the mission of protecting the environment in Western China, but the organization has grown exponentially and has expanded its goals and projects. Mr. Zhong created Green Camel Bell shortly after college, while working as a nuclear researcher in Lanzhou. He has since left his nuclear researching job to work full time with Green Camel Bell. In 2009, Time Magazine named Mr. Zhong a Hero of the Environment for his work with Green Camel Bell. 

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Environmental Studies

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