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“Notes from a Nominalist: How to Excavate Philosophy from its Past” by Brian P. Copenhaver

Date: 3:30pm - 5:00pm PDT November 2, 2012 Location: J.R. Howard Hall 202

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J.R. Howard Hall 202

Notes from a Nominalist: How to Excavate Philosophy from its Past


Brian P. Copenhaver

University of California, Los Angeles


Symphorien Champier’s Introduction to Logic and Grammar, a nominalist attack on realism published shortly before 1498, is a very rare book: only two copies are known, one of them newly discovered. Champier chooses a philosophical theory of grammar, called modism, as one of his targets: why? And he takes most of his ammunition straight from Ockham’s Summa of Logic: again, why? Ockham had died in 1347, but Champier means to write an up-to-date guide for undergraduate philosophy students at the close of the fifteenth century.

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Claire Kodachi, Administrative Coordinator, Philosophy Department.  503-768-7480
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