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Sacagawea Series:

Date: 12:00pm PDT April 8, 2010 Location: JR Howard 302 Conference Room

JR Howard 302 Conference Room

Waste Management in Varanasi: Contributions of Religion and the Informal Sector

Emily Nguyen & Rosanne Wielemaker

The city of Varanasi, located along the holy Ganga River, serves as an important pilgrimage site for Hindus from all parts of the world. Like many third world countries, this city also faces problems in waste management. Due to the economic value of increased non-biodegradable waste, an informal sector of waste management has evolved. In this research, we explore the contributions of religion and the established informal sector (in theory and practice) on waste management in Varanasi. This project was conducted as a part of an ENVS 499 independent study during the Fall 2009 India Study Abroad Program.

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Environmental Studies

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