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Environmental Studies

ENVS Student Meeting

Date: 5:30pm PST March 3, 2010 Location: JR Howard 302 Conference Room

JR Howard 302 Conference Room

All ENVS students are encouraged to attend the latest in our series of informal student gatherings, taking place this Wednesday, March 3, at 5:30 PM in the JR Howard 3rd floor conference room. We’ll have plenty of pizza and drinks to fuel discussions on the following:

  • Participation opportunities for “Following the Food Chain,” the 2010 Symposium on Environmental Affairs;
  • Participation opportunities for “Many Shades of Green,” the 2010 national conference for the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (, which will be hosted at LC this June;
  • Information and help on developing your ENVS concentration proposals, to be held on Wednesday, March 17;
  • Current topics of relevance to environmental studies, including those we’ve recently shared with each other via LCENVS Delicious.
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