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Some Na Ceremonies

Date: 4:00pm PDT April 19, 2012 Location: Miller Hall

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    Tamin Blumenfield

Miller Hall

Some Na Ceremonies (2011), created by Na directors Onci Archei and Ruheng Duoji and produced by Tami Blumenfield, is a montage of five short pieces. Tourism and media representations of Na people, also known as Moso, usuall ycenter on their matrilineal kinship system and its sese sexual visit practice. But for many Na people, religion is a central aspect of their lives and one frequently overlooked in pictorial documentations. This film’s directors decided to do their part to intervene in this omission, capturing important ceremonies on digital video tape. Ranging from a film festival opening, to a pig sacrifice ceremony, to a three- day funerary ceremony, the ceremonies presented here are both riveting in their elaborate practices and fascinating for the meaning behind these practices.

Producer and Lewis & Clark Visiting Assistant Professor Tami Blumenfield presents this film, with English subtitling added by Lewis & Clark College senior John C. Roberts, as a rare opportunity to enjoy Na filmmakers’ perspectives while allowing the audience to make its own interpretations. John Roberts, who also assisted with post-production work, will join Dr. Blumenfield for a Q & A following the film screening.

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