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Giving to the College

Annual Giving

Lewis & Clark thanks you for your generosity in fiscal year ’16. Together we reached and passed the goal for the number of alumni donors who gave last year. We set the goal at 4,000 donors and alumni responded. 4,017 alumni made a gift helping raise a record $1.5 million for Lewis & Clark! Your support is felt across the campus and beyond by students, faculty, staff and alumni. We are excited about the year’s accomplishments and are hard at work planning for 2016-17.


 (Chart updated 06/23/2016)

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Current Donors: 4,017 - Thank you to our alumni!
Current Dollars: $1,571,460- Thank you for your generosity!


  • I want every student to experience a college that will allow them to grow as a person and help prepare them for the future.Michael Anders ’91

  • Giving back is my way of staying connected to campus and my college experience.Kirk Reynolds ’86

  • Lewis & Clark’s emphases on writing and critical thinking and its ability to nurture a curiosity about the world have all served me well.Dan Drazen ’01

  • I love Lewis & Clark. I want to keep our institution strong and help it grow.Daena Goldsmith ’86