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Portland is often named in national rankings as one of the most livable cities in the United States. In general, housing is not hard to find in the Portland area. Most of the faculty live within a few miles of the school. Others choose to live in one of several quaint neighborhoods or surrounding suburbs. In this section, there are several references to help you find housing that fits your needs.

Rental Listings — posted by the public

Please note that this is not a rental service for those who choose to post rental availablities. Lewis & Clark is not responsible for making sure posters fill their rentals.

The Rental Listings table is a service provided for CAS faculty (visiting and adjunct included) and staff ONLY. Please contact Campus Living if you are an undergraduate student OR looking for a student tenant. Student Services at the School of Law also keep a collection of available off-campus housing for their law students.

Property Listings

Apartment Finders & Helpful Websites

We are not able to specifically recommend or endorse any of these services as we have not had sufficient experience with them. We would appreciate feedback, particularly if you have difficulties.

It is best to contact an apartment locator service after you arrive or just before. The service will mail or fax you names of landlords, addresses, and descriptions of the housing units, and the prices. These services handle large commercially owned and operated complexes and some private rentals.

Websites that may help you in your housing search are:

  • Oregon Live - rental search and information about Portland neighborhoods (in “Visitor’s Guide” section).
  • Portland Rental Service - Portland Rental Service specializes in pet-friendly rentals.
  • Portland Craigslist - Comprehensive listings for various things in the Portland community, including housing.
  • Housing Connections - pictures and a program that allows you to search by neighborhood, number of bedrooms and rent amount. Also contains rentals w/accessibility options.
  • ForRent - pictures and a program that allows you to search by zip code, city, and by distance from a specific address.
  • move - Pictures and information primarily regarding buying or renting houses.
  • ABODO - Map based search lists up-to-date rentals. Users can narrow their search with their price range, desired neighborhood, number of rooms, and more.
  • - Includes houses and apartment complexes.
  • Zumper - Free map-based search for home & apartment rentals, with real-time updates. Also available on iOS & Android.

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