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Committee Appointments


Faculty Council
Cliff Bekar, Social Sciences
Liz Stanhope, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Will Pritchard, Arts & Humanities

Curriculum Committee
Therese Augst, Arts & Humanities
Peter Drake, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Jim Grant, Social Sciences
Karen Gross, Arts & Humanities
Jennifer LaBounty, Social Sciences
James Proctor, Interdisciplinary Representative

International Studies Coordinating Committee*
Andy Bernstein, Arts & Humanities, Chair
Larry Meyers, Overseas & Off-Campus Programs 

Admissions and Financial Aid
Julio de Paula, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Rebecca Lingafelter, Arts & Humanities 
Maryann Bylander, Social Sciences

Library and Educational Technology
Paul Allen, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Sarah Warren, Social Sciences
Kristin Fujie, Arts & Humanities
Jess Perlitz, At-Large

Budget Advisory Committee
Anne Bentley, Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Susan Glosser, Arts & Humanities
Todd Lochner, Social Sciences
Joel Martinez, Arts & Humanities
Eric Tymoigne, At-Large

Committee on Promotion and Tenure
Liz Safran, Math & Natural Sciences
Naomi Cameron, Math & Natural Sciences
Jane Hunter, Arts & Humanities
Bob Mandel, Social Sciences
´╗┐Mitch Reyes, Social Sciences
Matthieu Raillard, Arts & Humanities

Updated September 2, 2015

College Faculty

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