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Rhetoric and Media Studies


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April 23rd, 2015

  • Image preview 7:30pm: Legacies of Genocide Film Series - AGHET: EIN VÖLKERMORD
    Spring Film Series:
    Legacies of Genocide

    In the 67 years since the ratification of the word “Genocide”, how has this word shaped our global conversation around these atrocities and events? Are we more apt to group all mass violence into one heading or does this word stand as a specific definition? How do we continue to discuss these genocides in our history as new genocides erupt on our political horizons?

    Our three films- Screamers, Watchers of the Sky and Aghet each address the question of language and legacy around genocide and human rights. How do we discuss the global impact of how we as people treat one another in times of crisis and cruelty? Has the creation of the word “genocide” done what its creator hoped? Or has the word itself created an erasure of mass atrocity in itself? Where are we as we look back on our past and to our future?

April 28th, 2015

Rhetoric and Media Studies

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