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2016-17 SAAB Representative

This year’s SAAB representatives for the Philosophy department are Makayla Keydel & Lily Dragon.

The Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) grant program funds student research initiatives and other academic expenses via a board of student representatives from each academic discipline. For students who plan on attending or presenting at a conference, doing research in the United States or abroad, bringing speakers or lecturers to campus, doing research for a thesis, etc., the SAAB grant program is an amazing resource.

The first step to getting a grant is for students to contact two SAAB representatives at least two weeks before they plan on submitting their grant proposal (a list of SAAB reps can be found on the SAAB website). There are four different types of grants students can apply for:

  • Student-initiated research, performed either in the U.S. or overseas
  • Attendance at academic conferences either as a participant or a presenter
  • Visiting scholar programs to address new ideas and contemporary issues
  • Performances in music, art, theater, communications, or wherever one’s imagination leads

In-depth instructions for each type of application can be found here

These different types of grants have different proposal due dates and processing times. Research grants and Arts/Expression grants are due on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Visiting Scholar grants and Conference grants are heard weekly and the grant proposals are due by 4pm on Thursdays.  All grants will be heard within two weeks.

Makayla & Lily encourages you to contact them with any questions about SAAB or about a proposal you would like to submit. You can reach Makayla via email at and Lily at

These are some of the grants that were awarded in 2015-16:

Lydia Bleifuss, Research Grant

Lydia traveled through Chile to personally conduct as many interviews as possible from a variety of perspectives. Chile is currently attempting to navigate tremendous dilemmas in terms of water management. The general goal is to gain a greater understanding of how large hydro developments have altered/attempted to alter Chile’s rivers, and the resulting impacts. She looked into how such a privatized water management system has impacted the Futaleufú, Bío Bío, and Maipo rivers and how it has sparked both national and international responses.

Hannah Swernoff, Research Grant

Hannah used her SAAB grant to study Appalachia. While government and media sources portrayed 1960s Appalachia to be a helpless region of backwardness and apathy in “modern” America, individuals and communities perceived potential and hope. She studied real people’s lives and learned their stories of heartbreak and triumph, abjection and hope, as they try to create a place for themselves in history.

Sara Fetterly & Aspen Johnson, Program & Conference Grant

Sara and Aspen used their grant to go to the American Anthropological Association’s Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Their intention was to go to the Society for Visual Anthropology’s Film and Media Festival to check out what is trending in the world of ethnographic film. Creative expression of sociological ideas not only is more natural and creative, but it is also more widely accessible to those outside traditional academia. For these reasons, They are committed to fostering this bridge at Lewis & Clark during our final years here. They hope to bring their experience in Denver to the Portland community by hosting an ethnographic film series, and include creative elements to their thesis projects.



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