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Chemistry Software

We have a site license for ChemDraw Standard. To get your own copy and activation code, just go to their website (opens in a new window) and use your email address.


Chemistry Help Center

What is the Chemistry Help Center?
The Help Center is a free, student-staffed service providing assistance in chemistry courses 100 through 220. 

Who can use the Help Center?
Any Lewis & Clark student is welcome to take advantage of the Help Center. Students in Persepectives and General Chemistry classes are often the ones who find the Help Center most useful.

What kind of help can I get there?
While the tutors focus on problem-solving skills and understanding basic concepts, specific help is also available for homework, lab reports, and exam preparation.

Where is it?
The Help Center is located in J.R. Howard 134, as part of the Math Skills Center.

When is it open?
This varies each semester depending on student needs and staffing. Check the Math Skills Center schedule for details. The “Agenda” tab on the calendar details each tutor’s specialties.


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