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Degree Application Filing Timeline

Early Fall term, the Office of the Registrar sends an email to seniors (93 semester credits and above) and students who are close to “senior” standing, reminding them of their responsibilities to go to Web Advisor and complete the Degree Application on line. Then print a copy of your program evaluation and take to your department chair to secure approval signature.

Please follow the instructions carefully, secure required signature, and personally return your signed program evaluation to the Office of the Registrar. Please do not send it by mail, and do not allow the department to send it for you.

Filing deadlines are noted below:

   * October 15, 2013-For May 2014 degree date.
   * March 1, 2014-For August 2014 degree date.
   * May 1, 2014-For December 2014 degree date.

If you have questions, please contact:

For last names A-L – Tiffany Henning,, 503 768-7325

For last names M-Z - Caitlin Hansen,, 503 768-7332